Conscious Uncoupling™


What does your heart long for? Is it that loving feeling you once had for someone special? Do you miss the closeness and the companionship with a partner who has now departed? Being in love is one of the most magnificent feelings we experience as human beings. However, not all love lasts forever.

There is a way to heal the hurt and fulfill the desires of your heart. Life offers us many chances to not only learn, but to grow beyond the false beliefs and break the bad patterns that keep us repeating the same mistakes. Do you want to find a love worthy of who you are and who appreciates all you have to offer?

Love’s journey always begins with the loving relationship you first have with yourself. Have you done the inner work to find clarity about who you are and what you want? Have you prepared your heart to trust yourself and know when to trust others? Are you ready to take responsibility for your part in a failed relationship and now take the higher road of integrity to make amends? This time, letting go of the hurt and holding onto all the good.

If any of these questions stir your heart and you are willing to explore the deeper truths, then I invite you to join me in participating in learning the principles of Conscious Uncoupling. Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT, developed a 5 step process on how to “break up in a better way.” Your deserve healthy, happy love. Your next relationship is waiting for your when you feel whole again. Are your ready to begin?

Coaching Services: Individual or Small Group

Offering you one-to-one coaching, over the phone, for six to eight sessions to deeply explore the Conscious Uncoupling process.

Since we all have a story to tell and wisdom to share, meeting in a small group provides a supportive place when experiencing heartache. Let’s learn together how to let go of the past and let in the possibilities for healthy and happy love.

Speaking and Events

I am available to lead workshops or discussions on the topic of the Conscious Uncoupling process  to promote individual healing and healthy transformation. Contact me today to arrange a schedule 267-405-3462  or