A relationship that ends poorly between two people is never really over.  For example, the last exchange of harsh words can remain fresh in one’s memory as the day when they were spoken leaving behind negative emotions such as anger or resentment.   A loving relationship that no longer exists can lead to feelings of deep hurt.  As difficult as it is to let go of the past, keeping the emotional pain alive only creates a deeper wound.  There is a better way to complete a relationship that once mattered to you.  Forgiveness offers the best chance to heal a broken heart over the loss of love.  It does not meant that you necessarily agree with your former partner, but that you are willing to release the other person from serving a prison sentence in your heart.  By forgiving the other person, you too are free from the toxic ties that bind the two of you together.

It takes courage to reflect back on the ways that we each contributed to a failed relationship.  The question remains:  how were you responsible for the part you played in a relationship that is no longer working?  What if you could bring closure to the broken relationship that transcends the disagreements and becomes at least civil again?  It is possible for two people to work together to create a better outcome for everyone involved when a couple separates.

Stepping into the truth ever erases the memories, but it allows a new space for taking ownership for one’s life.  Moving beyond the shame and/or blame presents an opportunity to grow a happier heart and find healthy relationships again.  Love is always abundantly available to you at any moment.  Begin by being aware of the possibilities to connect with the many people around you.  Keeping your heart open brings more and more chances to give and receive love, and that’s when the miracles happen.

The Dorothy in all of us

In the beginning of the story, the Wizard of OZ, Dorothy hurries home to escape a big storm.  This scenario quickly changes from one of safety to one of terror when she realizes that her house is swept up and away in a tornado twister.  After the wind stops, Dorothy lands somewhere beyond her wildest dreams in a land of uncertainty.  Nothing is the same and very little makes sense compared to her previous world.

Only with the help of three characters, someone with a brain, another with a heart and still another with courage, does Dorothy begin a journey back to finding herself and eventually her home again.  However, until Dorothy grows stronger in her own character strengths, she is unable to stand up against the forces working against her.  It’s the support of people who care about her, and the development of her own capacities that ultimately lead to Dorothy’s return home.  Just like Dorothy, we always have the power within ourselves to determine the direction of our lives.

Where is your yellow brick road taking you?  Who can you count on for emotional support?  What lessons are you learning from the big changes that are making you stronger in ways to face the fear and find the truth?  Times of uncertainty can cloud our judgement until we stop and listen to the inner voice guiding us as to which way to go next.

If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory and you are unsure of which path to choose, then I can help you find your way home again.  Decisions are best made from a place of clarity and calmness, after the storm.  Are you ready to begin writing your life’s next chapter, the one beyond the rainbow?