Mary DeAngeli

I am a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas who developed the Conscious Uncoupling process. I am also a Board Certified Life Coach specializing in relationships, positive psychology and spiritual growth.  As a National Certified Counselor, I have worked with clients over the years as a rehabilitation, mental health, career and school counselor.   

However, nothing has prepared me more for working with individuals going through a break up than the ending of a long-term relationship.

It is my personal experience of losing love, overcoming grief, and then the healing of a broken heart that gives me the most insight. When one goes through the turbulent storms and the seasons of change that turn your life upside down, finding your way to safer ground becomes a priority.  No one has to take this journey back to wholeness alone.  I am ready to walk alongside you to finding higher ground and more clarity while in transition.  

There is a “better way to break up,” consciously complete a relationship and create your own “happily-even-after-life.”